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Tuned C major 440 Hz - C5-A6 (Matches the book) - Tunable

Tunable: Each pipes contains a microporous cork that you can push to change the tuning of the instrument. 

Pan Flute, Soft Case, Easy tuning stick & Beginners book + online audio/video included

Dimensions: 6 1/2 inches (L) x  5 1/2 inches (W)

Peruvian Inka Motifs Design - Original from Peru

Material:  Bamboo


This pan flute has been built to match the beginners guide book "You can teach yourself pan flute" by Costel Puscoiu. It also includes a soft case and a easy tune stick. This book is an excellent resource to learn to play the pan flute. The lessons provided are fun and easy, and will have you playing pan flute in no time! Includes access to online audio, video The book includes music sheets of popular songs as "Amazing grace", "O sole mio","Swanlake","Symphony No 40".

Beginner's Set - South American Style Flute

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