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Our Brands

We distribute products from the seven most important woodwind luthiers from Peru.

Ruben Muñoz - "Q'awary" 

Professional Woodwinds Luthier & Musician

"Q'awary" is the best brand of woodwind instruments of South-America. Ruben Muñoz has built a worldwide reputation because the high quality of his workmanship. His pan flutes are built with selected Amazonic bamboo and he takes special care to details and finishing. Musicians all around the world play his pan flutes. 

Nestor Lupaca - "Lupaca"

Professional Woodwinds Luthier & Musician

Nestor Lupaca is an experienced luthier from Peru. He is known for using burning techniques to treat bamboo to make wonderful semi-burnt and full burnt pan flutes. The bamboo that he uses is particularly thick giving a deep sound to the pipes. 

Fortunato Ramos - "Ramos"

Professional Woodwinds Luthier & Musician

Fortunato Ramos is a experienced luthier of Peruvian native instruments. When speaking about native Peruvian instruments (Zampoñas, Antaras,  Sikus, Rondadores) we must talk about "Ramos" instruments. He creates instruments of high quality with Inka motifs designs to preserve the ancestral tradition of Inka culture.

Blas Huanca- "Huanca"

Professional Woodwinds Luthier & Musician

Blas Huanca is a Peruvian woodwinds luthier known for making South-American style pan flutes better known as "Antaras" with designs of Peruvian symbols such as Nazca lines.

Jonathan Yzarra - "Yzarra"

Professional Woodwinds Luthier

Jonathan Yzarra is the second generation of a woodwind luthiers family. He demonstrates that the talent remains in the "Yzarra" family building amazing pan flutes. He explores the techniques of fine painting and burning in his work.

Martin del Rio - "Inkarimusik" 

Professional Woodwinds Luthier & Musician

Martin del Rio is a experienced woodwinds luthier very well known in Peru for being also an excellent musician. He performs at international fairs displaying his own instruments. He is specially known for making high quality "Quenachos" and "Quenas".

Jose Chacon - "Chacon"

Professional Woodwinds Luthier & Musician

Jose Chacon is a woodwinds luthier with more that 18 years of experience. He had taken the design of the Peruvian "Antara" to a next level with a high quality design. Known also because his famous musical folk music "Los Hermanos Chacon".

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Professional 44 Pipes Chromatic Siku Zampoña Pan Flute | Ramos


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Professional Bamboo Festival Quenacho - Tuned C

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Professional 22 Pipes Antara Pan Flute | Chacon

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