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This method is conceived for those who are just beginnig to study the Charango as well as those who wish their enrich their knowledge of the instrument. It covers two central aspects of Charango technique: rhythmic struming patternsand the playig of plucked melodies. Includes access to online audio.

Charango Method (Book + Online Audio) English and Spanish.

  • First Lessons Native American Flute

    Lesson 1: Hands
    Lesson 2: Breath and Tone
    Lesson 3: The Talking Flute
    Lesson 4: Time
    Lesson 5: The Center
    Lesson 6: Adding to the Whole: There are no wrong notes!
    Lesson 7: Silence
    Lesson 8: The Heart
    Appendix: Flute Anatomy, Care, and Troubleshooting
    A Word from the Illustrator
    Afterword: My Flute Story

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