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Pan Flute Maintenance

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Pan flutes are made of many different materials, and each of them requires particular and specific maintenance instructions. We work mostly with bamboo, so I am going to share some recommendations on how to take care of your bamboo pan flute. Bamboo is the most popular material for making pan pipes because they give a particularly deep and mellow sound. Also, bamboo pan flutes are usually more affordable than wooden flutes because they are already hollow in comparison to wood.

One of the most important recommendations for taking care of your pan flute is to apply oil to the pipes. Oil prevents mold from forming in the pipes' internal walls by keeping the pores less humid. There is a debate about which oil is the most appropriate for preserving the bamboo. It is important to invest in good quality oil because sometimes a low-quality one can make the pipes sticky and absorb dust. The best oils to use are natural ones, not too sticky, and with a mild or non-odor essence. Among the most used oils are almond oil, propolis (be sure not to apply it in excess), and camellia oil.

We commercialize "La Tromba Pan Flute Oil" which is a special mixture of mineral oils specifically elaborated for preserving bamboo pipes. It has worked great for me, and I would recommend it. We also commercialize almond oil, which is an effective and less expensive option.

These are some instructions on how to apply oil to the pipes and some recommendations for preserving your bamboo flute:

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